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I am an independent Registered Consulting Arborist, RCA #409, professionally dedicated to helping people with tree care issues.

I began my own practice as a consulting arborist in 2006, after 33 years of work in retail and wholesale nurseries, landscaping,  landscape pest management and as a professional arborist.

Possessing a unique combination of skills and experience, I am able to take on a wide range of tree-related challenges and help to resolve them for my clients.

Some of the areas in which I excel include:

  • Tree and garden pest and disease diagnosis
  • Tree risk assessment
  • Tree health assessment
  • Tree protection planning
  • Pruning specifications
  • Arborist reports and tree management plans
  • Listening and understanding

My clients have included single family homeowners, landscape architects and designers, professional property managers, tree services, landscape contractors, homeowner associations, businesses, Cities, Towns, School Districts,  public agencies, golf courses, attorneys, and insurance companies.

Whether you are simply trying to identify a tree or a tree pest or disease, trying to resolve a conflict regarding a neighbor’s tree, seeking sound advice about an aging, damaged  or unstable tree, designing a landscape or developing a tree management plan for a large property, I am available to help you.